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The History Uwharrie Eagles Flying Club

In 1987, a group of newly certificated Pilots in Albemarle, NC decided that it would be a good idea to form a flying club. The purpose of the club was to allow the group an affordable way to enjoy aircraft ownership and also have the opportunity to fly at a reasonable price. A total of 10 Pilots started the conversation and came to the agreement that it was time to form the club. There were 2 Cessna 150 aircraft based at Stanly County Airport of which all the initial members had utilized in their training. The aircraft were owned by the local Airport Director and a Flight Instructor. 

After negotiating a price for both aircraft, the group utilized a local Attorney to assist in forming a Corporation and agreed upon the name of Uwharrie Eagles Flying Club in reference to the local Uwharrie Mountains. The planes were bought for a total price of $20,000.00. The local Bank, Bank of Stanly, assisted in financing a portion of the aircraft and so it began. 

After a couple years of enjoyable flying in N11235 and N7978F, the members decided it was time to upgrade to a four place aircraft. A 1965 Piper PA-28-235 was located in Paducah, KY. At the same time, the club was able to sell N7978F and create cash for the down payment on the Cherokee. A deal was struck and Mike Harwood and his Instructor, Bob Johnson headed to St. Louis, MO via Piedmont Airlines where we were met with N9070W. After a flight back to Paducah for a pre-buy and inspection, it was determined that this was the aircraft for us. However, one cylinder was reading low and negotiations were made to reduce the price to offset the repair. We both agreed that it was safe to fly even with the low compression cylinder. I would not make that decision now in my elder years. With the deal in hand, Mike and Bob headed out for the 3 hour flight back over the Appalachian Mountains at night in IFR conditions. Upon arrival at VUJ, the members were awaiting the site of their new aircraft. Several members had to contain themselves as we roared overhead for a fly by with strobes a flashing and the 235 HP engine doing its thing.

With N9070W and N11235 now the fleet for Uwharrie Eagles Flying Club, we enjoyed many years of great flying and time building. Many $100 hamburger trips were made to CRE over the years along with several other aircraft owners at VUJ. The club continued to grow and eventually, we made it to a maximum of 21 members. Some members came and went and others stayed for long periods of time. To date, we have lost a few members who went on to the great airspace in the sky. This includes Dr. Leon Peele who had the experience of forgetting to switch fuel tanks over Kitty Hawk with a full aircraft of friends only to casually switch tanks after the engine went quite and re-start like a professional. 

Many members obtained their IFR ticket and couple moved on to Commercial. Mike Harwood, the last remaining original member, made it to the right seat of a Jetstream BAE-3200 for US Airways Express in 1999. We have many long time members still on board and we are continuing to add new members due to the exciting addition of a 2002 Cirrus SR 22 aircraft in 2016. 

The club continues to grow and remain as a viable and economical way to fly very good aircraft from our beautiful airport at Stanly County Airport. 

Mike Harwood 


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COOKOUT AT THE LAKE. Come Join us and talk airplanes, boats, have a few drinks, Hugh is going to Burn some Burgers and Dogs. We have Jet Skis and a boat for a fun day of aviation discussion and collaboration. 

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